Perm care tips
Perm, hair inevitably hurt, how to care for you to become the most concerned about, right?
I think I guessed right. You can find a satisfactory answer from this article.
To understand and analyze hair
If you want to keep a long, wavy hair style for a long time, you should know the nature and condition of hair with the stylist before you have a perm.
Is your hair rough or hard? Dyed color, or dyed? Is the highlights, or pick the float? Do you want your hair cut? What kind of curls do you want?
Then choose perm water, each brand is the whole series, you need the most suitable for your hair perm liquid and curly hair. After careful understanding, ask the barber to make the right hairstyle for you.
Before the perm, understand three key stages
Curly hair
How to roll and use what volume determines the direction, shape and size of the flowers. Some new material, curly bar, can make "flower" into a natural smooth pattern effect.
chemical reaction
A perm solution will soften and change the shape of the hair. There are many kinds of perm liquid, suitable for different hair strength. Some join the hair care ingredients, and use the hair scales to open, when the perm at the same time, care.
By neutralizing the chemical action of the syrup, it gives new shape to the hair and restores the original color of the hair.
After perming care
How to care for new hot curls and prolong the life of the flowers?:
When the hair is wet, with a brush or coarse tooth comb hair, but do not pull.
Do not use hair brush, dry hair, or hair volume easily straightened, the hair is easy to pull off.
Dont use a high temperature hair dryer, not too close to your hair.
- preferably with large hairdryer, so perm hair fluffy and not confuse volume.
After shampooing or finishing your hair in the morning, use hair styling products to increase the volume of your hair.
• curly hair is of poor glossiness and should be added to the hair with a high dose.
Simple, very, must do accordingly!
Are "health and beauty"