New hair dye, safe and convenient

Hair Coloring agent is the scalp to absorb more, will harm peoples health. In fact, as long as the use of hair dye method is appropriate, you can minimize the hair dye to be absorbed by the scalp possible.

If you change a little way, can reduce the hair dye absorption rate, the method is: Hair Coloring and prepare some hair dyes of equal length foil, and then put the hair to be dyed into a handful of laying in a foil, with a small brush dye stained evenly on the foil in the hair, painted light, to foil the hair rolled up together, dont small pins can be fixed. In this way, stained with a small brush is not easy to touch the scalp, dye on the scalp, whether it is in the hair shop steaming smoked, or at home hair dye, can guarantee the scalp is not easily tarnished.

Or foil is not easy to find, waterproof oil paper can be used instead of foil, the purpose is to dye and scalp separated.
(Chinese Medical Network)