What should I pay attention to when using an electric hair dryer?
The main points for using electric hair dryer are:
1. Make sure the hair dryer is far from the water. Do not use the hair dryer near the bathroom or other water container.
2 use the hair dryer to make sure the hand is dry! Do not immerse the hair dryer in water, otherwise leakage will occur.
3, hair dryer plays a role in the overheating protection device will automatically cut off the power supply, can be used again in a few minutes after cooling, in order to protect the hair dryer use last longer, if automatic power-off hair dryer, please switch off the cold, let a few clock before using it.
4, do not use the hair dryer for a long time, when the use time of 30 minutes, you need to stop for a period of time to use, to prevent the temperature is too high to blow out the hair dryer.
5, do not put the hair dryer into the air outlet in a blocked state, to prevent the hair dryer due to inadequate heat dissipation caused by the durability or reduce the internal temperature is too high and dangerous.
6, in the process of using the hair dryer, noted that there is no abnormal phenomenon, such as abnormal sound, the motor may be a problem; if an abnormal odor, there may be an internal short-circuit phenomenon. In the event of an abnormal phenomenon, the hair dryer should be immediately removed from the socket and stopped for inspection by professionals.
7, after each use, should immediately unplug the power supply, after cooling, stored in a well ventilated, dry, far from the sun exposure place. Hair dryer must be placed in a dry noise environment to prevent moisture from entering the air dryer, resulting in lower internal insulation, resulting in dangerous and shortened service life.