Hair love out of oil, how to do?
Hair oil is a disaster, hair oil out of love how to do?
If you have this trouble, one day does not wash your hair, hair look greasy bear; sometimes the morning wash hair, in the afternoon on the collapse type; in the summer with the metabolism to speed up, hair oil is a disaster. So, what should we do to improve the oily scalp fundamentally?
One reason: frequent shampoo will aggravate the oil situation
As we all know, a long time without shampoo will be out of oil, but the number of shampoo is too frequent, the same will be out of oil. According to the information feedback to the secretion of sebum, frequently wash wash the grease on the scalp sebum, will receive the "oil shortage" of the information, and then further oil secretion, which will lead to more and more oil secretion, hair more and more oil.
Countermeasures: the number of shampoo is best to control in 2-3 days to wash once, but to ensure that every shampoo can be clean and thorough. Shampoo can be divided into two times, the first special cleaning of the scalp, second times cleaning the scalp, but also the hair washed. If you get up in the morning and have a messy hair style, rinse it with water. Use conditioner in your hair. You dont need to use shampoo.
Two reasons: improper choice of shampoo
There are many kinds of shampoo products in the market now. Good shampoo products play a key role in the health of hair and scalp. Some of the more nourishing products make hair less thoroughly clean, and long term use can cause hair problems.
Countermeasures: now most shampoo products contain silicon. Silicon is a sealant, often add in washing hair care products, the use of hair is a nice touch, but because of the closure of silicon itself, will make the hair care products can not enter the hair after, also will be attached to the scalp, hair loss and other problems caused by oil. So, if your hair is seriously oil, you must choose no silicone, pure plant, and oil control effect shampoo.
Three reasons: the use of incorrect mask conditioner
After using the shampoo and hair conditioner film can play the role of nourishing hair, but this kind of hair care products can only be coated on the hair, can not touch the scalp. Because the membrane conditioner moisturizing ingredients will make just wash the scalp "dirty", it will cause hair oil shedding.
Countermeasures: in the use of hair conditioner and treatment, to avoid the scalp, the hair will only apply to the can, especially hair dry edgy parts.
Four reasons: excessive use of chemical hair products
Using styling products such as hair spray and spray will keep your hair off the air for a long time, which will make your scalp more oily. And, if you use hair products too much and dont clean them properly, they build up on your hair and scalp for a long time, which can cause greasy hair and oily hair.
Countermeasures: if your hair is already out of oil, you should avoid using a large amount of styling products before conditioning your healthy hair. If you must use it, choose a refreshing spray, and wash your scalp and hair thoroughly before you go to bed at night.
Five reasons: diet and irregular work and rest
Eating greasy or spicy, fried food, often eat junk food, will cause the sebaceous glands active, grease secretion, cause hair oil seriously; and often stays up late, lack of sleep, excessive stress and other reasons will also cause a serious oil or brown hair etc..
Countermeasures: daily life must ensure adequate sleep, rest routines, eat less fat, high calorie, spicy food. More exercise, keep a good state of mind, avoid excessive tension, etc.. Comprehensive conditioning of the body will not only improve hair oil problems, but also good for your health.