Is it correct to use the hair dryer?
Hair dryer is becoming more and more popular. Almost every family has it and uses it every day. Here are some tips for using hair dryer!
1 after washing the hair, wipe the excess water with a dry towel, then divide the hair well, and fix the outer hair with a clip on top of your head. This makes it better for dry hair.
2, the top of the hair will be removed, divided into two departments to dry, with both hands as shown in the picture inserted into the hair comb, dry with a hair dryer.
3. Divide the hair between the sides of the Department. Spread 5 fingers into your hair, and brush your fingers from head to tail. Dry with a hair dryer.
4, the side of the hair to the ear as the boundaries into two departments, with a drum comb from the root hair slowly comb to hair slightly, hair dryer placed to the side of the air supply, the ear after the hair is the same way.