How to prevent hair loss in summer?
Summer is the peak of hair loss, a lot of people will be very worried about the summer, hair loss should be how to deal with, because work pressure, hair loss is more severe. So, what are the ways to solve it? Heres a look at the Xiaobian help you to introduce how to effectively prevent hair loss.
Measures to prevent hair loss in summer are as follows:
First, life should be regular, not too tired, too nervous, appropriate relaxation, to ensure that sleep time; not to stay up late.
Second, diet diversification, eat more fruits and vegetables, to have the law and order, appropriate to eat Ziyin Runfei food, such as sesame, walnut, honey, tremella, lily, spicy food to eat;
Third, wash, wash the best time interval is 2~5 days, when shampoo rub while massage the scalp, do not scratch the scalp with a nail, it will cause the scalp injury, with strong or alkaline degreasing shampoo do not need to use conditioner;
Fourth, less hair dryer, blower blow out of the high temperature, will damage hair tissue, damage the scalp. Can not sleep with wet hair, so that it is not conducive to blood patency, more likely to cause headache.
Fifth, less alcohol, moderate exercise, when necessary, for Indoorsman house Indoorswoman, more fresh air, to relax at the same time to make more friends.
What are the remedies in terms of traditional Chinese medicine treatment:
Recipe 1: 15 grams of salt. Add salt to 1500 ml of warm water, stir well, shampoo 1--2 times a week. Long term use of this side can prevent hair loss.
Two: cypress (dry medicine), pepper seed, pinellia 90 grams. Add 500 ml of water and fry to 250 ml. Add a little honey, and then fry 1--2 boiling. Ginger juice when used a little, and mix thoroughly, wipe no hair place, 2 times a day.
Side three: Platycladus orientalis leaves 240 grams (Bei Gan), Angelica (whole body) 120 grams. The total drug research is at the end (avoid iron), water paste pills, such as Wutong son. 50--70 pills per serving, early and late each 1, with rice wine or salt soup sent.
Fang Si: pig gall 1. Pour the bitter bile into the basin and warm the water. After mixing, wash or wash the affected area. Remove the fat like scales and rinse it with clean water, 1 times a day. It is especially suitable for seborrheic alopecia.
Side five: raw pinellia, ginger 300 grams each, sesame oil 1000 grams. The medicine powder, sesame oil to dip when the first half, to the day after the ginger, oil coating the drug, 1 times a day, for 3 months, falling eyebrow hair or health.
Side six: willow leaves 500 grams, ginger juice 100 ml.. The weeping willow leaves are cloudy at the end, and ginger juice is evenly beaten in the iron, and the medicinal liquid is rubbed against the affected area. This is suitable for removing hair loss, but also useful for removal of eyebrow, Sheng Hui Fang that the eyebrow is born.
If you also have hair loss troubles, then take a look at small recommended hair loss prevention measures and measures to prevent hair loss, we can do as long as we can reduce hair loss.