Vinegar soaked black beans to black hair
Vinegar soaked black beans to black hair, revealing practices and magical effects
There is a treatment of white hair food therapy called: "vinegar soaked black beans", we have heard of it? If not, then hurry to see vinegar soaked black beans, white hair black, the way.
Black beans rule white hair useful?
Vinegar soaked black beans treatment of white hair, really can be used to treat gray hair. Black white vinegar treatment method, therapeutic method belongs to the treatment of white hair, numerous clinical practice has proved: soak black bean vinegar treatment hair effect is very significant, how to effect a situation is also normal, is due to the general method of making vinegar black beans is not standardized and the result is not a.
In ancient books, "Compendium of Materia Medica", also recorded the treatment of white hair with vinegar soak black beans. So the treatment of white vinegar with black beans soak method is very effective, but the function of the spleen is not very good friends or to choose the best treatment method of the other, because vinegar on the spleen irritating, the spleen may cause discomfort.
In addition, black bean vinegar also has beauty, weight loss, kidney, eyesight, UFA function, can effectively improve constipation, hypertension, high blood fat, waist leg pain, diabetes, prostate disease, coronary heart disease and white hair, look at the computer, TV for a long time due to decreased visual acuity, eye pain, dryness, dizziness, headache, and vinegar global black beans also have very good effect to improve myopia and other eye diseases.
Vinegar soaked black beans
Preparation materials: black beans and vinegar (must choose pure grain vinegar)
The first step: select high-quality black beans, and then wash black beans with water, and then placed in the ventilation, the sun will dry the water.
The second step: black beans under the pot, and stir fry with medium heat. Caution: no oil drain
The third step: to stir fry beans have always burst noise in the pot, and then put into a small fire in full to stir fry bean curd almost burst.
The fourth step: to dry black beans, the black beans will be removed into the glass bottle, and then fall into the vinegar, until the vinegar will be immersed in all black beans.
The fifth step: the glass bottle sealed storage in the refrigerator, wait two days later can eat, if in a week after eating, the effect is better.
Tip: if sealed, it is found that vinegar has been absorbed most, it can be added vinegar until absorbed enough.
Vinegar soaked black beans:
Sooner or later you can eat, can only eat at night, that is every night at five points to seven points, the most popular time to eat two kidney spoon. Or, every time before and after meals to eat 10-20 black bean drink 10ML about 1 hours, soak beans raw vinegar. Eat two or three times a month can, remember not too often, otherwise it will hurt the scalp.
Vinegar bubble black beans efficacy:
Long term consumption can also inhibit the long white hair, women take, as well as relieve the effectiveness of gynecological diseases.
The main efficacy of black beans:
Black beans are rich in vitamin B group and vitamin E, are required for beautifying nutrients, especially it contains large amounts of pantothenic acid, the hair turning white is also very helpful.
Prevent osteoporosis:
The isoflavones in black beans are a kind of plant estrogen, which can effectively inhibit breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. It is also helpful for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly people.
Vitamin E in black beans can become a protective layer to prevent oxidation in vivo. Red pigment released from black bean seed coat can remove free radicals in vivo, improve antioxidant activity and enhance vitality.
Enhance vitality:
Beans are the kidney of the valley, black is water, water go kidney, so black beans into the kidney function. The aging of people often start to kidney function, resisting senility, prolonging life, enhance the vitality, must pay attention to the kidney.